"Psycho Party Planner"
Now playing on Lifetime. 
Featured Song
"Beautifull Mess"
"Back Hearted Killer" 
Now Playing on Lifetime.  
Main Title Song
"Killer In Me"
"Killer Dream Home"
Now playing on Lifetime. 
Main Title Song
"Follow You"
"My Best Friend's Christmas"
Now playing on Showtime. 
Featured Song
"Please Santa"
"A Merry Christmas Match"
Now playing on Hallmark Movies. Multiple featured songs. 
"Deadly Assistant"
Now playing on Lifetime. 
Featured Song
"Follow You"
"Psycho Stripper"
Now playing
Lifetime Channel
Featuring songs
"Time Out"
"A Date By Christmas Eve" Now on
Lifetime Channel
Featuring song
"It's Christmas Time"
Gnome Alone
Starring Becky G

End title cut called "Found My Way."

Starring Demi Lovato and 
Wilmer Valderama

End Title cut called "So Charming."

Loona - Blockberry Music

Hit 2nd Single "I'll Be There" off of Loona's Debut Album.

Shinee - SM Korea/Japan

Hit Song "In My Room" off of Kpop and Asia's Super Group Shinee.

Symphobia - Avex Japan / Germany

Song "Hungry" due out February 2015. Avex - Japan

N.E.W.S - Johnny Co. /Japan 

Hit single “I-ZA-NA-I-ZU-KI”  off of Japan Super Group N.E.W.S. 

Complete Discography 


One Tree Hill                                                              CW Network

One Tree Hill                                                              CW Network

Crash The Series                                                       Starz Network

Lincoln Heights                                                          ABC Family

America’s Top Model                                                 UPN

MTV 2Gether                                                              MTV Network

MTV Cribs                                                                   MTV Network

TRL                                                                             MTV Latin

Pimp My Ride                                                             MTV Network

The Jeff Dunham Show                                             Comedy Central

The Taina Show                                                         Nickelodeon

AZN Awards                                                               E Entertainment

OMGTV-LIVE                                                               Web Series

Bus Stop Monologues                                               Web Series

Sam Presents                                                            Festival Short Film                           



Charming - Starring Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderama

Gnome Alone - Starring Becky G

Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”                                          HBO Films

Material Girls-starring Hilary and Haily Duff         MGM

Miracle on 1st Street                                                CJ Entertainment

Invincible Scripture                                                   Phelan Entertainment



Carly Patterson-        Universal/ Music Mind         Ordinary Girl (Single)

Carly Patterson-        Universal/ Music Mind         Chase (Single)

Carly Patterson-        Universal/ Music Mind         Time To Wake Up (Single)

Carly Patterson-        Universal/ Music Mind         Gone (LP)

Carly Patterson-        Universal/ Music Mind         Step Away (LP)

Carly Patterson-        Universal/ Music Mind         Lost In Me(LP)

Carly Patterson-        Universal/ Music Mind         Back To The Beginning (LP)

Loona                          Block Berry Asia                   I'll Be There (Single)

Manika Ward              Sony Music Group                Boyz R Dumb (Single)

N.E.W.S                       Johnny’s World Japan          I ZA NA I ZU KI (Single)

N.E.W.S                       SUMMARY OF JOHNNY         DVD I ZA NA I ZU KI (DVD)

Paul Kim                    Ohana Records                      Call It A Remix

Paul Kim                    Ohana Records                      Give Into Me

Paul Kim                    Ohana Records                      Lovin You

Paul Kim                    Ohana Records                      S’posed To Do

Paul Kim                    Ohana Records                      You Left Me For That

Park Jung Ah             Star Empire                           My Time (LP)

Park Jung Ah             Star Empire                           Typical Lady 

Seven                          YG/EMI                                   Love Story (LP)

Seven                          YG Ent/ EMI                           Only Once (Han Bun) (Single)

Silkk The Shocker      No Limit Forever                  Air Force Music

Silkk The Shocker      No Limit Forever                  Give It To You

Silkk The Shocker      No Limit Forever                  Microwave

Shinee                        SM Ent/ Asia                          In My Room (Single)

Symphobia                 Avex Japan                            Hungry (Single)

Tim                             Sony Music                             Because Of You

Tim                             Sony Music                             Liquid (Single)

Whee Sung                YG Ent/ EMI                            Tick Tock (Single)

Whee Sung                YG Ent/ EMI                            Too Hot (LP)

Yuki Koyanagi           EASTWEST/Warner               Pay Love (LP)

Yuki Koyanagi           EASTWEST/Warner               Soldier (LP)



Carls Jr. / Hardees Fast Food Restaurants

Cox Communications

GOT MILK? -Featuring U.S Gold Medalist Apollo Ono and NBA Superstar Chris Boch

Infinity Insurance

TAP Portugal Airlines

Toy Story 3 Video Game

Think About Your



One Tree Hill - Featured song and vocalist. - Song "Damn" and "Never Meant For You" off of 

David Kater's own solo album. 

Voice of Samsung popular ringtone song "Flash Flash" and "Nothing Left To Say"

On Point (Artist) - Dreamworks/Red Zone

           -Lead vocalist signed to Mega Producer Christopher "Tricky" Stewart

Unity (Artist) – TVT Records  - Lead Vocalist

Kumbia Kings            Capitol Records         Backing Vocalist

Michele’                      Deathrow                   Backing Vocalist

Sandy and Junior      Brazil                          Backing Vocalist



Sister Act 2                                                     Walt Disney Productions

The New Mickey Mouse Club                         Disney Channel

Rhythm and Jam                                            ABC Family

Miss Saigon                                                    Broadway

Miss Saigon                                                    2nd National Tour



Anastacia- European Tour

America’s Got Talent

Eamon –Promo Tour

European Music Awards

Jimmy Kimmel Live

MTV Awards-Europe

Queen Of England Birthday Special

Swedish Music Awards